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About Us

Phixet provide you with a variety of at-home services that simplify your everyday living and save your time in this fast and busy life. Phixet offers the convenience to book the Electrician, Plumber and AC technician with a couple of taps on the Phixet app.


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Phixet is the most transparent and reliable way to getting your stuff done.



Do you need someone to install or fix your toilet? Or are you more concerned with finding a top-grade plumber and a drain cleaner who will make sure your drains are unclogged and free-flowing? Plumbers on the Phixet App offer those services and much more.



Air conditioning (AC) technicians work with cooling systems to ensure proper installation, maintenance and repair.



Top-rated electricians that you book through the Phixet App offer a variety of services: Fixing faulty switches and electrical outlets, Replacement of switches and electrical outlets, Rewiring of electrical devices, Installing and replacing ceiling light fixtures.

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You can downoad the Phixet App on Android Phones as well as the iPhones. Phixet App is available on Google Play and AppStore

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Phixet offers the best possible feautures to ensure the interactive nature of the app with easy to use interface and loaded with the best possibe service.

Take Photos/

An easy way to describe your issue is to take the photos and send it to us to analyze and get back to you with the solution to fix your stuff.

Write Text/

You can also describe your issue by writing the details of your issue or a sentence in which we can get the idea of issue.

Record Voice/

A very simple way to let us know about your issue is to record the audio and describe pretty quickly about the issue which needs to be fixed.


/Safety and Trust

Safety and Trust is our top priority, we enlist the workforce by getting their personal information which involves their CNIC and home address. Incase you require their information, we will share it with you to maintain trust and confidence in us.


Our platform ensures your worker is scheduled quickly and from a location near you. You can easily request the handyman service using our Android/iOS app.


Phixet offer affordable rates with the quality of the work. Our workers are professionals and skilful to get your stuff fixed.

Become Our Work Force

Earn with us and become a registered technician on our Phixet platform.